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Replacing missing events from Webinar Series


I have a weekly Friday webinar with 10 occurrences. Some weeks are skipped due to holidays or scheduling changes. One of my weeks is missing. It may have been deleted previously but isn't under recently deleted events. I tried extending the series so there would be an additional event, then changing the date to the missing event, but I get an error:

You cannot save this occurrence because the time conflicts with an existing occurrence.


How do I fix this?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hey there,

thanks for your question!


So this error usually occurs if you already have an existing occurrence with the same date/time set up. Could you please check to ensure you don't have any other events for the same day? 


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I think it happens because an event in a series is deleted and enough time passes so that it no longer is in recently deleted. It can't be restored yet still conflicts and blocks off its time period. Are events in a series really deleted, or are they just flagged as deleted?


I'm certain we don't have another event at the same time. That account is use almost exclusively for webinars and we only have 2-3 webinars per week.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Thanks for clarifying! In case of doubt I would definitely recommend opening a support ticket with our Tech Team via

they should be able to see what might cause this 🙂 

I thought I had the same problem, and the deleted meeting was not in recently deleted.


But when I went to one of the remaining occurrences and clicked on "Show all occurrences", I saw the deleted meeting and was able to restore it. Maybe that wasn't true last year, but it was today.