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Recording paused and didn't restart when I clicked on the triangle/play button (is that backed up?)


I'm devastated!! I paused the recording at my mother's memorial service while we were setting up and sound checking and when I clicked on the triangle/play button to restart the recording, it must not have taken. My father was admitted to the hospital the night before the service and they would not release him to attend, he was in too bad of shape so I was recording for HIM so he could watch when he got his health back and had his whits about him. I've read that if you forget to start a recording, Zoom cannot help retrieve the zoom meeting, but I did start the recording and it was a paused recording for the entire service, so I am wondering if that would be backed up anywhere.


I TOTALLY clicked the triangle next to the "recording paused" bar in the top left, but the recording is no where to be found and I recall seeing the red bar when I was looking from the front row of the church up to the laptop recording, which I since learned indicates it was actually paused and not recording. Please tell me someone has that service somewhere that we can retrieve it. 🙏🏼