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Q&A Moderation in a Webinar


Do Zoom Webinars support a moderator reviewing and selecting questions that are then promoted to panelists?  Ideally the panelists would only see the questions that have been screened and not the entire Q&A dialog.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


As a host, you can promote Panelists to be Host, co host or even change Role to as an attendee.

Promoting them as a host can actually give them access to all the access that you have as the primary host even the Q&A dialog. 


For more detailed information on managing Panelists, please see KB article >> Managing attendees and panelists in a webinar.


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All panelists, host, and co-hosts can see the Q&A panel.  What we do here is designate one person to peruse the questions and then private chat each question to the appropriate panelist or to a moderator who is asking all the questions live.  In this scenario, we tell the panelist to ignore the Q&A panel and simply answer what's asked live or answer the questions sent to them  through chat.  We typically turn off attendees' ability to chat in a webinar to reduce confusion and visual noise in the chat.