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Not receiving my 'send me a preview email'


Good afternoon - I need your assistance. I am setting up our next webinar and on the bottom of the page where I typically select SEND ME A PREVIEW EMAIL so that I can see the email that attendees will receive when they register - I am not receiving it. I have logged out, come back in and resend - three times. Nothing.


Please help.


Thank you



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @CMB1991,


While it might not be much help, take a look at this Zoom Support article:

I’m assuming you are the account owner and are checking the email associated with the account. (Sorry – just have to cover the basics, since we know some people share accounts with others,)


Beyond that, I don’t have any other guidance for you, other than to submit a Support Ticket to Zoom Staff: 

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Creator I
Creator I

Hi CMB1991,


The "send me a preview" button uses Javascript. It is possible your web browser is blocking that functionality. Check to ensure you have allowed the Zoom site to run JS.

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