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Multiple webinar presenters


Hi All,


I'm New to Zoom Webinars. I have worked out most things but having trouble with this particular query


I am planning a Power Point Webinar for the Executive and I need some community expertise


We are having three presenters and one panelist.


All three presenters will be rotating and speaking to their slides in the presentation. I need all three to have Presentation with Notes that they see on their laptop and just the Presentation that’s beamed out to participants on their second monitor


I have worked out that I can promote co hosts and give remote access so they can all change slides, but the Host is the only person who can see both presentation with Notes (on laptop)  and presentation NO notes on secondary screen not the other two presenters? They can only see presentation without notes…..What am I doing wrong? I need the other two presenters to see both Presentation with notes on their laptops and presentation that's beamed out to participants on their second monitor


I'd really appreciate some guidance on how to do this as I cant seem to work it out



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hey Andrew,

thanks for reaching out to our Zoom Community!


So for this particular case this is indeed by design. Only the person sharing their screen will be able to see the Powerpoint with Notes on their one monitor and the full-screen presentation in the other (given that this is also what content is being shared with participants). This is because you can't share 2 pieces of content simultaneously. 


What I would recommend is to send the presentation with notes over to your other presenters/panelists to ensure that they are prepared before the start of the webinar with the notes/information for their talk-track. This will ensure that everyone is aligned.


Also, before the start of any webinar I always recommend setting up a Practice Session before the start of the webinar to address any open topics.


I hope this helps! Don't hesitate to reach out in case of any questions.