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Member needs to connect Zoom meetings to Eventbrite


I am the account owner for our organization. I have a staff member who is using Eventbrite to create an online event (webinar). She will be using Zoom for the webinar and wants to connect Zoom to the Eventbrite event listing. Eventbrite is not letting her connect her Zoom account to Eventbrite because she is not a Zoom admin on our organizational account. I don't want to give her admin privileges for our organizational account. Is there a way that I can set things up so she can connect her Zoom account with Eventbrite? For example, could I make a new role for her with permissions to download the Eventbrite app or make her a group admin? Thanks for your help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Here’s my recommendation: Have her invite you (or another admin)  as an additional authorized user on her Eventbrite account. Once assigned a role as editor of her event, the new position can perform the link between Eventbrite and Zoom. 

See this Eventbrite page for additional info: 

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