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Magic Webinar Attendee List?


I ran my first Zoom webinar this past week. It was marketed by groups all over the country and I simply provided the Zoom log in info. I asked each group to send me a list of registrants (I wanted contact info for marketing follow up) but discovered I could simply download an attendee list straight from Zoom, complete with name and email.


So, the question is, How did that happen? That is, if they didn't need to register for the webinar through me, how is it Zoom was able to capture the information?


I'm simply curious, but also wanted to know so that I can save the time used chasing each individual group for their attendee list.


Community Champion | Employee
Community Champion | Employee

@AspireForBill The email address should only be captured in reporting if the users were logged in when they joined the webinar. If they weren't logged in, then no email address would be captured in the webinar attendee reports or in the active host report for that particular webinar. 

I would suggest that in a situation like this to utilize registration set to auto approval in case users needed to register at time of meeting (if they were unable to before) so that you can have all needed information for marketing purposes. Registration also allows you to require more specific information such as Location, job title, etc. 


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