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Interface for dialing in to a Zoom webinar


I dialed into a Zoom-hosted webinar on my Android phone and needed to enter the meeting ID, which was stored in a calendar entry.  By the time I switched to the calendar app, memorized some of the digits, and switched back to the phone app, the voice on the other end was already complaining that I hadn't entered any digits.  (No, really?)  After entering a few digits and switching back to the calendar app to get the next few, it complained again within a few seconds.  Once I started entering those digits, it assumed I was starting to enter the number from the beginning.  After the third time complaining that I hadn't entered enough digits, it brusquely told me that I hadn't given it what it wanted when it wanted it, and promptly hung up on me.  Rude.  I went through this cycle two more times before I could sit down at a computer to read the meeting ID off the screen and finally beat the clock. 


This experience was frustrating, to say the least.  And then I had to create a Zoom account just to report my experience.  I'd expect better from a Gartner Magic Quadrant company.