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Integrate Zoom with BoardEffect


Greetings! We host Zoom webinars with about 15 panelists and 50 attendees.

We can integrate Zoom with BoardEffect (from within BE), but I don't think it will do what we want it to.

Ideally each panelist would have their unique Zoom invitation, and when they were in BE and clicked "Join Board Meeting," it would use their unique Zoom invitation to connect them.

I don't think it will do this. We can use ONE panelist invitation and rename each board member as they arrive, but that's cumbersome.

Is anyone using BoardEffect with Zoom? Any suggestions, tips, pitfalls to avoid? Thanks!


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

If anyone in the community has experience with BoardEffect or any tips and suggestions on integrating Zoom with BoardEffect, please let @JulieFilatoff know 😊


Two  steps: 

  •  Generate an API key in your corporate zoom account,
  • Enter the resulting Key and  Shared secret in board effects.


  1.  How to generate the API Key*(as of 7/2022)
  •  Log into your zoom account as administrator (not sure if this is needed, But I am so…)
  • On the left side, go to Advanced> App Marketplace.
  • In the top right select the drop-down for  "Build app" (defaults to "develop")
  • In the JWT section click create. Fill in the fields. I end dated mine 1 year out instead of the30/60/90 days.
  •  This will give  you
    •  The API key is needed in Board effects and
    • The shared secret.
    • I didn’t need any of the other components generated in this key.


  1.  In Board effects go to the Video integration section, enable zoom, and enter the key and secret.

 when creating a meeting, you will see all of your corporate users in the list to select from, But we actually create the meeting in zoom, then paste in the meeting is /link.