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I cannot generate webinar reports with webinar ID


I am trying to view the customised registration questions for a past event (within 30 day window). However, when I search for the event (on report management page) using the webinar ID, zoom webinar says there is no event details associated with the ID no. I can see the event in past webinars but the event ID doesn't work and a past event does appear in the list. I have had this problem from day one after the event.


I originally created a zoom event (which created the webinar instance). I'm wondering if I have missed a step linking zoom webinar to zoom events.


Any help would be most appreciated. I'm basically trying to view the customised questions results in my registration report. 



Hi @siobhand , thank you for your contribution to the Zoom Community! 

Please follow these steps to generate the report:


  1. Sign into the Zoom web portal
  2. In the navigation menu, click Reports. If you are an account owner or admin, or have access to the Usage Report role, you will need to select Account Management and then Reports.
  3. Click Webinar.
  4. Select the Report Type you would like to search for.
  5. Enter the date range for the webinar and click Filter
  6. Select the webinar, then click Generate CSV Report.

Once the report has been generated, it will automatically download and can be opened in Excel, Notepad, or any other application compatible with the CSV format. 

Note: You must have a webinar license assigned to your profile to have access to your webinar reporting. Admins will have access to all webinar reporting on the account without a webinar license. 


I hope this helps!

Zoom Community Team

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Here are the settings under user management. It just says zoom events, should it say zoom webinars too? We bought the bundle (events + webinar).


Hi Carla,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my request for help.


I have already tried your suggested solution and again now. What I see is shown in the attachment. Whether I search by webinar ID or date range, the reports function does not locate/return my January event. I know it is there as I can see the webinar in the past events list.


I'm wondering whether I have set the event up incorrectly. This event was created in Zoom events (rather than webinars).


What do you recommend is the right sequence: create webinar in Zoom webinar and then create a wrap around event in Zoom Events?


Either way, any help with generating a report would be great, as we are losing valuable data.


Many thanks