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How to change the layout during Zoom livestreaming ?


Dear all, does anyone know how to change the layout during Zoom livestreaming?  When I am sharing screen, in speaker view, the webcam/speaker thumbnail is very small on top right hand corner.  Can I change the size of the webcam/speaker thumbnail?  Or move it to lower right hand corner?  Thanks very much.  



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Pat77 Unfortunately, the output format of the video stream is fixed at this time, so those images cannot be changed or moved.

I would like to know why my screen layout has recently changed on my phone? The new layout has more than halved the size of the pictures of everyone and made me (as the host) even smaller and tucked down the bottom. Can I get back the previous layout where the screen was divided equally into 4. It was a much better layout.