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Event metering on Zoom Sessions Pay-Per-Attendee plans


The FAQ on this subject doesn't answer how Zoom handles attendees:


The FAQ states: "Each attendant that exceeds the prepaid number of allotted seats will incur an overage fee of $2.50 USD per attendee" then later it states "If the license attendance rate is exceeded, no further unique attendees will be able to join the event." 


What happens if we buy the 100 pay-per-attendee plan and 150 people show up? We are ok with paying 50 x $2.50, but we are NOT ok if the 101st attendee is blocked from entering.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @JetCanada.


You control the actions by settings in the Event Editor:



You can stop admitting new attendees at any level. If you admit more attendees than you have “seats”, you’ll be charged $2.50 per additional seat over your Attendees available in your Pay Per Attendee licenses. 

Reach out to me with additional questions. I’ll send you a private message with contact details. 

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