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Clarifications on webinar role permissions needed


Having challenges with assigning hosts other than myself for webinars - challenges that I don't have when I have been made host on others' Zoom webinar accounts.  


I am default host for my account when scheduling the webinar. During setup I try to add an other email to assign as co-host/host and get this error:

Unable to assign ("email address") as an alternative host because the user cannot be selected at this time

Clarification #1: The email I am trying to add is not affiliated with my Zoom account, but I don't think that should matter?  


Since I couldn't assign an alternative host at setup, I logged into the live webinar and made her a host at the beginning.  After I dropped off, she was then trying to make a panelist co-host during the live webinar and it would not let her do so - even though this is something I have been able to do as host myself on another Zoom webinar account just last week.  Clarification question #2:  Why would she not be able to make someone else co-host if I have successfully assigned her hosting privileges?  Again, only just last week I was on someone else's Zoom webinar account and was made host during the webinar. I had no issue myself then making a panelist co-host during the call.  Not sure under which circumstances this would not work since that is what my colleague experienced yesterday per above.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @BoostMRC.


Q1: Sorry, but an Alternate Host is required to be on the same account as the meeting/webinar owner (they must share a common Zoom Account Owner).  Anyone can be made Co-Host once the meeting/webinar has started.


Q2: Only the Host is permitted to add a Co-Host.  This includes a person who is not the Meeting/Webinar owner, but has been assigned as Host.  See this Zoom Support article for additional details: 

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