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Cannot switch on Videos of the particiants in webinars, they can´t, too, button can not be pressed


Video issue. When I create webinars, the participants cannot press the video icon to be visible, despite the correct settings. Only those who have set an image are then visible with their image. What am I doing wrong?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



A Zoom Webinar is different than  a Zoom meeting.


In a Zoom Webinar only host or a panelist, can share their screen, video, and audio in a webinar.


Attendees can not share video unless promoted to panelist. The attendees can use the chat or question and answer options to interact with the host and panelists if the host allows this.


Please read this Zoom support article for more details; 



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THank yo ufor your reply - it may be the current situation but as I can decide with a button to turn of or on durring the preparation for a webinar, it is not cmprehensible why it does not work. 
I´m really shure that it worked before - but of course I can be mistaken.


@Oskar_DEL  I have noticed a bug in Zoom webinars since I started using them in March of 2020. If you choose to have Host and Panelist video off when you schedule the meeting (see screen shot attached), panelists will not be able to turn their video on after they join the webinar. The host needs to make any panelist a co-host in order for them to turn on their video. 

Thanks for the answer   as Frank_TB replied it is not possible in Webinares . 
I cannot understand why  

I ran a practice webinar today.  The panelist could not turn on their camera, unless I made them the host but then I lost my rights as a host.  How do I ensure the panelists can turn on their camera?

@Rebeccaevents11edit the webinar settings and be sure to set video for panelists to ON.
I set video to on for hosts as well to be sure alternate hosts can turn on their video.




@Oskar_DELI'm sorry I misunderstood your question. During the course of a webinar you can allow individual attendees to talk (hover over the attendee's name and click "Allow to talk") or you can promote an attendee to the panelist role and they will be able to talk and turn on their video.


This is useful if you want to have spoken questions from attendees or if a panelist accidentally joins the webinar using the attendee link.