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Alternative Host can't go live to Facebook


I have a Zoom meeting tomorrow we're planning to stream live to Facebook.


I can't make it so I've added an alternative host who has a licence on our account and is set up with an admin role.


We tested going live to our Facebook group today and it's not working for her. She has all the same permissions as me in Facebook.


When she selects 'go live on facebook' she gets the message saying she needs to switch to herself in Facebook and so she clicks continue as is normal.


Instead of then getting the option of where to go live she gets the message "caller name not found"


I have no problem taking the same meeting live.


We tested on her personal meeting link and it still says 'caller name not found' so it can't be to do with the meeting itself.


Has anyone experienced this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @Smiffy -

There are a few things to check:


First, confirm that her Facebook personal account is an AUTHORIZED editor or admin on the Facebook Page/Group where you want to stream (assuming she's not streaming to her personal profile). This is required for the Page/Group where you want to stream. Once she sees that she's in that page and not her personal profile, you're ready to go.


I had a similar scenario happen with a church member... It turns out, she was joining the meeting without actually being signed into Zoom (!) As soon as she signed in and authenticated, she was able to host and livestream to Facebook. 


Hope this helps! Make sure to press "Accept as Solution" on this post if this answers your question. Happy Zooming!
Anissa • Zoomologist • @anissat