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What is Zoom App Marketplace?

Zoom App Marketplace has more than 2,000 apps that enhance your Zoom experience and improve workflow and collaboration. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Marketplace conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Apps and Marketplace support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Government Zoom integration using API

Hello, We currently have a customization that integrates with Zoom using Server2Server authentication. I was wondering if we will need to make any changes to our code to ensure the custom code works with Government Zoom as well. We currently do not h...

Newbie - How can I get outside users to use my app?

I am very new to this so please excuse my dumb question. I have created an app and have not published it to the zoom marketplace yet. I am wondering if after doing so can outside users use my app when they have a zoom account? And if they do not have...

meemo by Newcomer
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I would love to know if there are any special zoom apps deals available to put in front of my network.Exclusive is best but well-hidden deals or brand new offerings are also welcome. Can someone please contact me to discuss? Lloyd

Resolved! Glitching

Hi,I have been using zoom (pro account) for years with no problems, recently, however, both when I am hosting or attending a meeting, both audio and video are glitching. I recently hosted a meeting with around 10 ppl, I froze for them and they froze ...

Is there a Quorum app for Zoom?

Been looking around a bit for an app that does this, but I haven't found anything, figured I'd post here and see if anyone has an answer. I'm looking for an app that tells me when everyone who was invited to the meeting is in the meeting. We have a l...

Any apps for braille

Hi there Has anyone had any experience of braille while using Zoom, I am looking for an app the will translate the audio to braille for meetings and webinars Any suggestions? Many thanksAlan

connecting doodle to zoom

Hi, I was trying to connect my doodle to zoom, and accidentally declined, when I got a popup to link the two.When I try to connect the two again, i get a 4700 error message.It feels like zoom blocked doodle for me, but I can' find a surface to unbloc...