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Marketplace Developer Dashboard ERRORS | Others Unable to Verify & or Submit for Review?


This Issue Should be Resolved BUT the dashboard is not functioning correctly that I have tried a Dozen times to Submit for Review.

This is the super simple missing info in my application by the reviewers, that I have many times tried to input into the dashboard and each time, the dashboard fails to retain the new data.

Zoom team message regarding APP (Nametag Logo Overlays - Custom Lives by STREAMBOS):

"Whitelisting issue
When authorizing the Prod version of your App but I received a 4,700 error. TO fix this error please add the Prod redirect URL: to the whitelist and this should resolve the issue."

Resolved and fixed.. if the dashboard was working correctly. 


This is what we have been trying to add -->   and  has been added to the list half a Dozen times but will NOT stay added in the list either!

PLEASE if anyone can Manually ADD it for us as the Zoom dev dashboard is Not functioning correctly on our side at this time as I have tried all things Again 24hrs later.

Also the Domain verification TXT record was added and verified yet the system shows some error. Please if you can Manually make it verified as you can see that I own and control the domain that would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the screen shot link showing the dashboard error that keeps happening.

So even though we have resolved the errors on our side, AND our Domain IS verified, ALL THREE Different ways, as you can see with TXT records, there is no way to Submit for app review. Please assist and can you manually submit it for us?

Thank you.