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Added apps don't show under My Apps - Who is the Admin of my account needed for approving added apps


I am using my own paid zoom account but when trying to add apps (Kahoot and others) I need to click the pre approval button and thus approval from my "admin". Who is that admin?


The added app does not show under My apps. 


I can open Kahoot in Zoom after having selected it from the list of apps. 

However, when starting the Kahoot it is not automatically shared with the Zoom participants as the instructions promise.

I wonder whether this problem starts that the app is not under My Apps.

When opening the Zoom App Marketplace, the page is caught up in a loop and does not get out or does anythings.


Any ideas? Many thanks!!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Carsten -


If you are using your own paid account, you are the admin. I'm attaching a support article that will walk you through getting started with Zoom Apps and hopefully put you in a happier spot when the need arises to use them.


I will show you from the marketplace where to go so that you can pre-approve the apps then install them in your client when the need comes to use the application in the meetings experience.






Let us know if you need additional help.



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Gregg Glowinski