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Changing Whiteboard sharing to Host Only not working


From within my zoom meeting, I changed my whiteboard sharing option to "Host Only" so participants cannot share the whiteboard.  But my participant WAS able to share the Whiteboard.  I'm assuming that I set something up incorrectly? Could someone else please test?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @MaryM 

Zoom whiteboards are available in two types: Classic and New.


The New Whiteboard is the one that is shared from the "Whiteboards" icon, and this one can be set to be shared only by the host. I have tested this myself and confirm that it cannot be shared by anyone other than the host.


Classics can be shared from the "Share Screen" icon, so they can be shared by every participant who can share screen.
You can also deactivate the Classic Whiteboard from the web portal setting menu




I'm using the new whiteboard and have set Who can share to "Host Only".  But I just had a participant share the whiteboard with someone not in the meeting.