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Screen goes black when sharing PowerPoint


I've been having an issue where my screen will flicker and then go black whenever I'm sharing a PowerPoint. The laptop stays on and so does the Zoom meeting. Those in the meeting room can still see me but I can't see them or anything that's happening on my screen. When I try locking my screen, it appears to go back to normal but that I notice that the visuals on my screen flicker and get grainy. The problem continues until I somehow manage to stop screen sharing. It's happened a few times already and somehow only whenever I'm about 1 hour into a meeting. I've searched online and everyone seems to point towards the nvidia graphics card, but I only have the Intel graphics on my laptop. I don't have an additional nvidia card. Totally clueless as to what's causing this and completely annoyed too. Hope someone can help me out =(





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Zoey500,
My name is Brandon. Thanks for joining the Zoom Community! This does sound like your video card could need a new driver. Do not check this in the Operating system, but instead go to the site of who made your video card and look for a new driver there. Another way to troubleshoot this is to check your CPU whilst in a screen share. To do this go to your Zoom Desktop Client > go to settings > statistics while in a screen share > view your stats of your machine during the meeting. You can also do a ctrl -alt-delete and click on your task manager and review the stats coming directly from your machine if you are running a Windows OS. This could be either your video card drivers or your CPU is being taxed during a screen share. Those are my suggestions. 


I hope that this helps. 




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