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Error adding chat subscription feature to chatbot




I am building my first Zoom chatbot using a free Zoom account, and I am attempting to do so following this guide.  One of the first issues I notice is that an early step in the guide has me putting the JID and verification token values into the .env file inside my Node.js project root, claiming those values can be found on the Features page of the chatbot, and yet those values don't appear.  So the subsequent step of installing the app locally for testing fails.  Some sources I've read suggest that the JID and verification token won't appear until after the chat subscription feature is added, which is a step in the guide that comes after the .env and local test step, for some reason.  To get the blue save button on the chat subscription feature form to become clickable, I have to include a slash command and the development and production endpoint URLs, which I have done no problem.  When I click that save button, I am presented with a pop-up error that reads "This app has one robot, can not register more than one" and saving the feature fails.  No further explanation than that error message is offered anywhere that I can find.  After a day of googling the error, I have been unable to find a single hit relating to it.  Not a single page I have found quotes that error, and nobody else appears to have encountered it and made a post about it.  So it seems like a thoroughly undocumented error, and I have no idea what it means or what causes it or how to fix it.  Does saving a chat subscription feature attempt to register a robot to the app?  If so, why is a robot already registered to the app?  Is there a bug in my account?  Does the fact that I have two other apps on my account (neither of them chatbots) have anything to do with why I might be getting this error?  I'm not sure how to diagnose this.


Anyway, I need to find a way to get unstuck in this process and successfully add the chat subscription feature and acquire a JID and verification token so that I can proceed with the rest of the guide and get my chatbot up.  A day of googling has gotten me nowhere.  There doesn't even appear to be any alternative chatbot guides for Zoom that provide more clarifying information.  Any help, especially from someone else who has encountered this error before and solved it, would be much appreciated.




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @gluonman, open to other community members' suggestions on this!


However, I'd also suggest submitting this to our Dev Forum at If you post this within our Dev Forum and a Dev Team member provides you an answer and don't mind sharing here as well for other Community members having a similar problem to yours! 


Thank you!


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