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Displaying a shared screen as an attendee


Curious if there is a way to share one's screen, but have it display as another attendee instead of occupying the entire screen and minimizing attendee displays. 


In context: I have a question set to explore with a group of attendees. I'd like to have the question display itself as "an attendee," so it's minimized and utilized as a quick reference instead of the main focus. I want to keep the focus on the people.


Thanks for the assist!




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

This isn't possible within the Zoom client, but there are third-party applications available that will let you display your screen as a virtual camera.  The virtual camera could then be set as the video device for your Zoom Client.  I don't endorse any specific application, but a quick web search for streaming software should provide you several options.