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Customer Service number/email




Is there a customer service number/email for technical support that could help out ASAP with a question?  I am trying to login by entering Join a meeting, entering my ID and then I keep getting a message stating "wait for the host to start meeting".  I am the host and it is not allowing me in?  Not sure what to do?


Thank you!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @lidafar ,


You can see the number of Technical Support in this article.

It would be good to check if you are signing into Zoom with the proper user account when you see 'wait for the host to start meeting.' 



I want to temporarily suspend my account until September 1, 2022. My group will not be meeting during the summer break.

Hi @johnrgoodrich I don't believe there is the option to temp suspend an account according to our KB on Deleting or terminating your account


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