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Corporate Zoom account invitation does not work



My company is trying to add my account to the company account, but when I click on "approve the request" button on the email, there is some kind of error message saying "The user XX already holds an active account. (1,009)" Do you know how I can be added to our corporate account? I currently only have the basic, free account.





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



This is a common error and can be resolved by the following.


Error codes and messages

Error code or messageIssueSuggested troubleshooting
1009User already holds an active Zoom account.

If you cannot accept an invitation to join an account due to error 1009, there are still users on your account who must be deleted, unlinked, or invited to another account before the owner can accept the invite.

Alternatively, you may have a Zoom Room that needs to be deleted on the Zoom Rooms page before accepting the invite.

Note: Free users will be automatically accepted. Any account with add-ons or other users still on the account will not be accepted; they must be alone on their account, which is why they receive error code 1009.


Kindly reach out to the admin of your account and they can perform the above suggested resolution.


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To confirm, when you write "there are still users on your account who must be deleted," are you referring to my free account or the company account that is trying to add me? If it's for the company account inviting me, is there a path you can share for the admin to review/handle that task?

For my free account, I have no Zoom room, add-ons, or other users on my account.