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Channel Disappeared


Over the weekend, we lost at least four of our channels (but not all of them), including one that we use for contact tracing for Covid notifications. We are running v5.11.4 (7185) desktop on Windows 10. The channel administrator did not delete them, and they do not show up when we do a search. We also noticed that some of the staff had to sign in again yesterday morning, although we have no idea if this is related to the missing channels.


Is this a known issue with Zoom, and any ideas on what is causing it?

Any suggestions on how to recover them?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @jerry_facc! I have gone ahead and created a support ticket for you in regards to this issue. Please be on the lookout for an update via email. 


Thank you Bri. We found that (for some of the channels that disappeared) if we searched a string we knew existed in an old chat, the search would return the findings. And if the findings showed the old channel name, we could use the Jump option and it would open up the channel. This hasn't worked so far for all of the missing channels. Some show the string in search, but Jump goes to an empty page.