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APPLE Calendar


Seem that there is only Google and outlook calendar can be intergraded. is there anyone know how to intergrade with Apple default e-calendar when zoom is scheduled?




You can try using the Zoom desktop application.

Open your Zoom desktop application > click Schedule > and on the Calendar, select Other Calendars.


See if that will work on your end.

 thank you very much for your prompt assistance. however I cannot be reached at the attached screen's area. may I know more clearly how to reach there?


First, you need to open the Zoom desktop application.


After you open the Zoom desktop application, click Schedule.


By the way, you can download and install the Zoom desktop application here:



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Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

No, that is not the solution the OP is looking for. Schedule is a feature that allows the user to create a meeting. Calendar in that context allows that event to sync to the user's calendar. iCal would be the appropriate choice for a Mac user.


However, OP wants to sync his iCloud/Apple calendar back to Zoom, so that his upcoming meetings show in the Zoom app. While this is possible on iOS, it is not possible on macOS. In the macOS app, you can only display events from Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Office 365 (configured in your account at Annoying.