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Welcome to the Zoom Community--Introduce Yourself!

Zoom Moderator

Hi everyone! 👋🏽


Welcome to the Zoom Community! I’m Bri, and I’m one of the community moderators here at Zoom. We’re SUPER excited to have you here in this collaborative space! We would love to get to know our community members. Please reply below to introduce yourself! 👇🏽


I’ll go first 😎 💙


Location: Memphis, TN 🐻


Favorite things to do: Writing, watching sports & going on late-night Taco Bell runs 🌮


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Two years! 🚀🚀


What’s your go-to virtual background? I love anything that showcases nice home decor and a view  🏙


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? A 10-year-old’s surprise birthday party 🎂


Let’s give our Zoom Community members a warm welcome!!! 👏🏽👏🏽


As a friendly reminder, if you haven’t already done so please review our Community Guidelines.


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@Chinesebay-com welcome to the community! ☀️




My name is Suzanne, but for this community I will go by Ladybug.



Location:  Austin, Texas


Favorite things to do: Bead crystals


How long I’ve been using Zoom? 2 years


What’s your go-to virtual background?  Anything resembling a forest.


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? Birthday I attended while I was in the hospital.

Zoom Moderator

@ladybug grateful to have you here! I'm a huge fan of greenery as well 🌲


My name is RUDY BABOR from New Rochelle, New York.

Zoom Moderator

@rbabskie1 great to meet you! 😃


Hi! Im Jecilda  from Philippines this is my first time joining a community meeting via zoom.

Zoom Moderator

@Jecilda1 how exciting! If you have any questions, please check out our Meetings board 😇


Hi all 🙂

This is Mans from Sweden.


I am more of a tech nerd, and I was actually looking for how to setup SMS reminders to Meeting Participants when I came across this Community.

Does anyone know how to set that up?

I guess that I can increase the number of registrants to actually attend the meeting if I remind them via SMS.


Cheers Mans

Zoom Moderator

Hi @manthe ! Yes, you can set up meeting reminders. Please check out this article Enabling upcoming meeting reminders. If you have any additional questions, you can always visit our Meetings board for assistance 😊

Hi @Bri and thanks for your reply. I read the article but I want to send SMS reminders to participants that have registered for an upcoming meeting. The article explained how to setup up reminders for Zoom users.

I want to send SMS to registrants even if they have not installed the Zoom app yet. Is that possible?

/Cheers Mans

Zoom Moderator

Hello! It's not possible to send SMS reminders to participants who haven't installed the Zoom app. However, Google Calendar might be an option you could explore.


Im a Commercial Manager who helps businesses get started, grow, refine their message and scale ready to dominate their market 🙂

@KorporateKaz Welcome, welcome, welcome! 👋


Hi! This is Tamanna


Location: Jaipur, India


Favorite things to do: playing with my 6yo


How long I’ve been using Zoom?  feels like forever but officially I think in 2017


What’s your go-to virtual background?  none,  or blur sometimes


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year?  a candidate interview

Zoom Moderator

Thanks for sharing @Tamanna ! I hope you enjoy the community 😎


Very glad to find this Community.  I have many webinar-related questions that someone will know how to answer.  🤓




Zoom Moderator

Lol, I love surprise parties via Zoom! Welcome to the community @SEMJMC 😁


Also, I'm positive someone will have the solution to your webinar questions as well. Feel free to head over to our Events and Webinars board by clicking here 😎


Location: Manhattan Beach, California


Favorite things to do: Play guitar, go to Zoom meetings


How long I’ve been using Zoom? One and 1/2 years! 


What’s your go-to virtual background? Thailand jungle, got from Wikipedia, being a donor


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? A Farsi to English meeting in Iran

Zoom Moderator

@Timo0504 good to have you here in the community! Welcome 😁🎸


Hi it's Eleanor

Bri can you show me or give a demo on starting zoom meeting



Welcome, Eleanor! This article here is super helpful for new Zoom users 😊


Hi everyone! 👋🏽


Welcome to the Zoom Co.mmunity! I’m Maria. Im SUPER excited to be here in this collaborative space! 


😎 💙


Location: Im from Philippines but currently in United Arab Emirate Dubai


Favorite things to do: Watching movies,  Sleeping, Singing, Reading, And listening to music.


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Im new to zoom


What’s your go-to virtual background? I love hello kity and my family


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? 

My eldest son birthday.


MC Lozada

New to Zoom? Now that is exciting! 😍

Hi cutebaby welcome to and i am trying to shot out 


I am Ben. Located in Raleigh, NC. 

Zoom Moderator

Great to meet you here, Ben! 👋


Hi I am newbie here. I need help about or zoommeeting happened an hour ago. recording failed to convert. Howcan I still retrieve it? 


Welcome @DhangDee23 ! Feel free to drop your question here so you can receive assistance from the Meetings experts 🙂


I'm Andy from Hermitage, TN (part of Nashville).

I've been using Zoom since 2016 and love it.

I pre-date the World Wide Web {anyone remember UseNet? Fido BBS?'} and AOL.

I like helping people get the most out of whatever technology they need help with.



















Zoom Moderator

I vaguely remember AOL--welcome to the community @AGH3rd 😄👋

I remember the AOL days. I also used Compuserve in the early 1990s. It was very limited by today's standards, but still magical in its own way.


Hi There


Admin for the University of Portsmouth, looking after approx 20,000 Zoom Pro licenses for both Staff and Students!

Using Zoom for just over a year, integrating SSO, LTI Pro, Splunk and Zoom Rooms along the way!

Hopefully I have a handle on all the Zoom features and looking forward to the launch of Events!



Zoom Moderator

That's amazing!! So glad you found our community. I welcome you to check out our Education space and our Events and Webinars page 😎📚


Hi everyone!


This is me:



Dallas-DFW, Texas | USA


How long I’ve been using Zoom?

Since 2019


What’s your go-to virtual background? 

I typically don't use virtual backgrounds, as they reduce video quality.


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? 

A Panel discussion on Zoom - held every single day at




Zoom Moderator

@Rupert Very happy to see you being active in the community already! Welcome 👋😃


William B Peckham (WilliamBPeckham) here.   Ancient  Sysadmin and IT warrior, I have never used zoom.

Located in the northern panhandle of West Virginia USA (not far from Pittsburgh PA), 

loving playing with technology and wishing I was fishing while drinking FAR too much coffee! 


Recently I have been asked to prepare to attend zoom calls, just in case.  I find a couple of problems with that.  My main desktop driver is a Pinebook Pro (Architecture AARCH64) running Manjaro Linux, and I have not found a zoom client for that platform.   I use browsers FireFox, Chrome, and Vivaldi. 


I love it that there is such a well developed community here.  I hope you can provide suggestions or links that might make life easier for a new guy on uncommon hardware.


Ancient IT warrior

It makes me happy to see you love our community! If you have any questions as you get used to being on Zoom, drop them in one of our product boards. We're always happy to help 😃


hi bri my name is jessica and im new to the whole zoom thing  i live in oregon .i have a question? im gointo attened my first webinar through and i want to know how to check to make sure my camera and audio are properly working? can you help me ?p.s ihave no clue what to do?



Welcome, Jessica! 😊💙


Here are two resources that you might find useful to ensure your camera and audio are functioning properly:

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask a question here 😎




Location: Quebec City, Canada 🇨🇦


Favorite things to do: Building stuff with lumber (sheds, decks, renos in general). 🔨


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Seven years or so? 👴


What’s your go-to virtual background? Creepy clowns. 🤡


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? 

Nothing special, just traning, classes, and business as usual. 🏫 🏢


I work a the Center for Teaching and Learning at Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada. Since I work for a French-speaking institution, I advocate for internalisation for Zoom, especially for accessibility purposes. Our Zoom documentation in French is located at .

J'ai démarré une discussion pour les Zoomies Francophones :