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Welcome to the Zoom Community--Introduce Yourself!

Zoom Moderator

Hi everyone! 👋🏽


Welcome to the Zoom Community! I’m Bri, and I’m one of the community moderators here at Zoom. We’re SUPER excited to have you here in this collaborative space! We would love to get to know our community members. Please reply below to introduce yourself! 👇🏽


I’ll go first 😎 💙


Location: Memphis, TN 🐻


Favorite things to do: Writing, watching sports & going on late-night Taco Bell runs 🌮


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Two years! 🚀🚀


What’s your go-to virtual background? I love anything that showcases nice home decor and a view  🏙


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? A 10-year-old’s surprise birthday party 🎂


Let’s give our Zoom Community members a warm welcome!!! 👏🏽👏🏽


As a friendly reminder, if you haven’t already done so please review our Community Guidelines.


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Welcome to the community @mathplourde ! 😃




Hello All, I am Roger 


Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Favorite things to do: Cooking, hiking, cycling, BBQing,  

How long I’ve been using Zoom? Since the Pandemic started so close to 2 years

What’s your go-to virtual background? Blur

​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? Running conference for law students to do Mock Trails

Thanks for sharing @Alacrity17😎


Location: Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦


Favourite things to do: Travelling, yoga, karate, hiking, reading, and a good flick.


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Almost 8 years.


What’s your go-to virtual background? While I own a green screen, I don't tend to use virtual backgrounds very often. With some exceptions, I prefer to share my actual background, including the beautiful painting in my office that was painted by an artist friend.


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? Zoom was used for a fun and creative winter solstice event that I normally attend in person. Most notably, some artists managed to incorporate participant videos in a freeform dance experience. Clever!

Welcome to the Zoom Community @timstringer ! Looking forward to seeing you share your 8 years worth of Zoom expertise here 😃

Thanks, @Bri! I'm happy to share what I've learned over the years. 😀

p.s. My fascination with video conferencing goes way back. My first video call was in 1997 between Dublin, Ireland and Ottawa, Canada. In those days, the bandwidth charges alone cost about $35 a minute (if memory serves) for a 1:1 call and the quality wasn't even close to what Zoom provides today. How far we've come!

That's so interesting! I'm so glad you shared that. I'm excited to see what video conferencing is going to look like 20 more years from now. It seems like things evolve pretty quickly now 😁


Hi! I'm Bev from Massachusetts (I work in RI). I am the Corporate Training Manager for RI REALTORS® (the state Association of REALTORS®). I've been using Zoom for a little over two years and I'm usually using a background that includes my association's logo and mission statement. When I'm not, I like using a picture of my favorite lake in Maine during the winter. I really enjoy snowmobiling and other winter sports, going to the beach and public speaking. Happy to be here. I haven't been to very many unique Zoom meetings but some pretty creative Zoom events and some average couples cocktail nights. 

GSI, MCCT® Certified Trainer, RPR Certified, ABR®, PSA®, SFR®, RSPS®, C2EX®, AHWD

Zoom Moderator

Glad to have you here, Bev! I've heard Maine is very beautiful 😍


Location: Highland Beach Florida

Favorite things to do: Scuba Diving and bowling and cooking with my wife

How long I’ve been using Zoom? Three years! 

What’s your go-to virtual background?  A pix of my wife and myself when we were first going together.  We are now married 55 years.


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year?  Last years anniversary we hosted a renewal of our vows with two Rabbis and a singer from Israel.  We had 96 windows open.  It was a memory.

Need Help- I am a Court Appointed Guardian Ad Litem for a family of four children aged 4, 5, 8 and 9 who were taken from their home and parents rights terminated.  We could not get  four adopted with same family so two older are in Indiana with a family friend and two younger back here in Florida.  I will be doing zooms with the four kids and two adopting moms to keep the siblings in contact.  Looking for ideas/games to do with kids so it is more of a fun time together.  ANY IDEAS???


note- GAL stands for Guardian Ad Litem (for those in other states it may be called CASA)



Zoom Moderator

Welcome @JackGAL and thanks for the wonderful introduction! I'd suggest looking into the new Zoom Apps for the kids, but it's also worth posting a question in the community so other community users can chime in with their suggestions 🙂

I second Zoom apps. Kahoot is a fun game to play and there is Head Up and others as well. We've also done scavenger hunts through Zoom. We did a virtual banquet for our youth football and cheer program and the kids had fun running around their houses, finding items and bringing them back to show on camera. We gave them a time limit for each item so they had to hurry. If the kids like to draw, you can use the whiteboard feature so they can draw and create something together. The whiteboard can be saved afterwards so every can keep it. I hope things work out well for the kids. It's sad they have to be separated. Good luck!

GSI, MCCT® Certified Trainer, RPR Certified, ABR®, PSA®, SFR®, RSPS®, C2EX®, AHWD


Hi, I am Zoom_Master, But you can call me Ninjago or The Rainbow Ninja. I am glad to be a part of the community

The community is glad to have you as well @Zoom_Master  😃



My name is Cindy.



Location:  Winterville, NC (outside of Greenville ... ECU Pirate Nation) although I work remotely for North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC


Favorite things to do: Dabble in the stock market, watch great mysteries, travel, photography, and most of all, hangout with the LOML and our fur babies.


How long I’ve been using Zoom? 2 years


What’s your go-to virtual background?  NC A&T official virtual background when working; my own photography when not (okay, sometimes for work also).


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year?  A visit with the grands during the pandemic.

Zoom Moderator

I hope you enjoy it here in the community @cesaylor ! I LOVE the North Carolina A&T marching band by the way 😍


Hi I am Prashan,


Location: Sri Lanka


Favorite things to do: Reading, talking about new features in zoom with my best friend, playing cricket, do new things.


How long I’ve been using Zoom? one & half years! 


What’s your go-to virtual background? Study Room.


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? School Graduation Day


Thank You!



So good to have you here! 😎


Hi I am Grange3 from DFW area .I have a question about editing my extension phone number which I entered a number and later found the assigned number but can't figure how to replace the wrong extension number -------- thanks

Zoom Moderator

Welcome to the community! Does this article help answer your question? If not, please create a discussion post in the appropriate product board so our experts can assist 😊


Thanks for the warm welcome.  I'm Karen and live in Oregon and host zoom regularly as a citizen volunteer for keeping people active politically -- getting them to call Members of Congress and getting citizens active about their concerns and hopes for the country.

Now I'll try to state my discussion question and hopefully get answered.

Zoom Moderator

Welcome @KarenOJ! And yes! Feel free to post any question you may have 😊


Hello. I bought a Macbook with an M-1 processor. When starting Zoom, it says "no connection to the network" although the Internet is stable. Can you tell me what is wrong?

Zoom Moderator

Hi @Sveta , please check out this article here if you're having issues with your connection. If that doesn't help, try posting a new discussion in our Meetings board. Our experts will help you figure out what's going on 😊


Thanks for letting me be


Zoom Moderator

Of course! So happy to have you here 💙


Hey Everyone! My name is Scott. I'm a language instructor (Spanish) and Coordinator, Online Learning & Innovation at a State College.


Location: Pensacola, FL


Favorite things to do: Discover new-to-me tech, eat, travel, and enjoy the beach.


How long I’ve been using Zoom? 3 years!


What’s your go-to virtual background? I really like to use video backgrounds and custom backgrounds from PosterMyWall


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year?  Zoomtopia


-- Scott

Welcome, Scott! Happy to see you enjoyed Zoomtopia 🐋! We also have a Happy Hub dedicated to discussing Zoomtopia. You should check it out 


Hello everyone, 
thank you for having me here. 
My name is Diana M Joice, Hamburg, Germany. 

Sending you a warm welcome from the U.S. to Germany! 😎


My name is Chris Menard.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Favorite things to do: Spend time with my wife, two sons, and our dog. I also enjoy creating meaningful YouTube videos.

How long I’ve been using Zoom? Since 2015 and possibly before.

What’s your go-to virtual background?  I use various office settings I created.

Zoom playlist  Zoom playlist - over 65 videos 

Welcome! I watch a lot of YouTube in my spare time. Thrilled to have you here in the community! 😃



My name is Rodger, but for this community I will go by CoachRodger.



Location:  Stockton, CA


Favorite things to do: Traveling, Driving, Road Biking, Unicycling and running my business


How long I’ve been using Zoom? March 2020 at the start of the pandemic


What’s your go-to virtual background?  My fitness studio


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year?  Using Zoom for teaching my classes and providing personal training services

SWEAT Fitness - Stockton

Thanks for the introduction @CoachRodger ! Workout classes on Zoom are so much fun 💪🏽


hi LOVE Texas



Zoom Moderator

Hello there! 👋



Hi Im Thivishan


Zoom is an amazing App😗


Love to hear you enjoy Zoom! Welcome, Thivishan 😁