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Contacts added via Zoom address book not reflecting in my Zoom text messages


I've manually added contacts to my Zoom address book, but when I go back to my Zoom text messages, the contacts I added directly into my address book don't reflect for each respected message. I hope this makes sense. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Brit13 


Have you checked the following support articles to see if your answer is there?

Adding and Managing Zoom Contacts 

Managing Personal Contacts 

Managing Address Books and Contacts 

Creating or Editing Synced Contacts 


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I have saved contacts, and conversations with those contacts already established. However, when I go to start an SMS with a contact I've already had a conversation with, once their number pops up in the "To:" line, it doesn't populate our previous conversation log until I send another text to them. Does this make sense?