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Zoom performance steadily deteriorates on Linux Ubuntu


I am running Zoom 5.8 on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.  Recently  I started experiencing behavior where Zoom runs fine at first.  Then after 30-45 minutes the video starts to freeze up for varying amounts of time that slowly increases.  The audio comes through fine but the user interface also freezes up.  When I run System Monitor I see that one of the four cpu cores is pegged at 100% while the video is frozen.  When the core comes unpegged the video briefly unfreezes until one of the cores again pegs at 100%.  The other three cores are running around 40-60% at the same time.  This same system used to run fine on previous Zoom releases.   Anyone have any suggestions?


Note Taker

Hi @brownfr 


Are you using captioning or live transcriptions? 


The meetings are using live transcriptions.  I have not had problems in other meetings without live transcriptions, but those meetings also have at most about ten participants and I spend most of the time in a breakout room with only two other people.

Also, it does not seem to matter whether I turn off the captioning display or not.