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Zoom (or Team) slows down internet speed by 30 times


Just to share my experience on dealing with the slow-down internet problem when starting Zoom (and Team)



on my Windows 11 laptop, when I start Zoom (even without signing in, same with Team), the internet speed test shows a 30-times drop, from 450 Mbps to 10-15 Mbps. 

Attempted fix:

   1.) Search for the "Control Panel" and open this up.

   2.) In the window that comes up, click on the "Network and Internet" link

   3.) In there, there will be a link that says "Internet Options", click on that to get another pop-up window

   4.) In that pop-up window, towards the top, look for the tab that says "Advanced" and click on that

   5.) Scroll to the bottom of that window, look for where it lists "Use TLS", check "Use TLS 1.3", and uncheck "Use TLS 1.2". 


The above appeared to have worked -- internet speed test shows no dropping when Zoom is working. But it is not consistent, occasionally, I had to restart the computer to recover the internet speed. So the fix, at best, does not address the root cause. 

On June 22, I updated Zoom to Version: 5.14.11 (17466), the above fix does not work anymore. Microsoft Team also suffers from the same issue. Now I decide to switch to Google Meet -- internet speed remains steady when I start Meet. 




I have this exact same problem!  It started about 2-weeks ago.  Unfortunately, this "fix" did not work on my Windows 11 ThinkPad.  I've invested countless hours and tried everything I can think of.  My ISP, Xfinity, says it must be a Zoom problem.  Please, please, please, I'm on Zoom all day for work.  Does anyone have a fix?  Thanks!

Microsoft Team also caused a slowdown, so it may be a common module that video calls all use. The fix I posted worked for me -- occasionally, the slowdown comes back, then I restart the Windows to get the speed back.    


Thanks, this seems to work for me as well in teams as well.  My internet was dropping from 500mbps to 300mbps as soon as I load teams or zoom