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Zoom loses stability while sharing screen


I am reproducing this error with Zoom every single time:

  1. I'm on call with someone
  2. They turn their camera on
  3. I'm starting to share my screen

Result is always the same: Zoom loses stability, giving me an error message and turns off.

I found partial workaround by turning off all hardware acceleration (all 4 of them inside Zoom settings menu). It's more stable and allows to talk with camera on and share screen but it still collapses from time to time. 

An error only occurs when both conditions are true.

Is anyone have same issue? Is there a solution better than my workaround?

My system specs:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600
RAM: 32 GB
GPU: Radeon 6700 XT (newest drivers)



Same here. I have an RTX 3080 and a Ryzen 3600 and 16 GB of ram. As soon I share my Zoom disconnects and reconnects. Tried all the recommendations like removing Graphics acceleration etc. Still nothing for the last 3 months.


Zoom please help 


I just fixed it.. When I first downloaded Zoom back in 2019 it only gave the option to download the 32 bit version.

Ever since that I've been only updating the 32 bit version. Never switched to the 64 bit..


All you gotta do is install and download the 64 bit version. And voila Screen sharing problem or crashing GONE.


How do you know whether you already have the 64 or 32 bit. Go to Task Manager and and then go to processes and then if the Zoom application says 32 bit next to it, then you have the 32 bit version. If it doesn't say anything then you have the 64 bit.


So for all those who have been using Zoom for years it's a compatibility problem with your 32 version of Zoom with 64 bit windows and your welcome.