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Zoom display broken on iPad mini


I’ve used Zoom daily for 4 years. Suddenly today many things are different on my iPad. 
-Zoom Version 5.17.5 (13040)

-Devices iOS 17.3.1

-Portrait & landscape mode 


1. Participants display in one long vertical pane. I can no longer swipe right to see groups of 8. 
2. Meeting controls used to display at the top. Now they display on the bottom, covering up participants faces. 
3. “Leave” used to be a nice button on the top. Now it’s simple close box on the bottom right. 
4. Chat & (… more) used to display on the top right. Now they are on the bottom too. 
5. Chat used to be a window overlay, now opening chat causes an awful split screen.

6. Participants on the top have faces partially cut off. 

7.  Similar problems on my iPhone 11.


I’ve deleted/reinstalled the app. I’ve rebooted my devices. Rebooted my modem. Nothing seems to help.   It’s like Zoom thinks my devices are computers, not iOS devices. 

Any help or insights would be appreciated. 
Thank you


*This is not happening to my friends in Sidney who connect to Asian Zoom servers on their iPads.