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Zoom Video Interference


Today during a Zoom video session with one person, we experienced a video interruption. The video screen for the other person constantly flickered, had a flickering bright green colour over the other person's screen intermittently, had 2 smaller pictures of me at the top of their screen, and had 1 larger picture of the other person that was frozen while their screen flickered continuously. This event occurred about 5-8 times during a 1 hour and 15 minute Zoom meeting. This has never happened to me before. The other person said that she clicked on the Zoom link that I sent to her, Zoom did an update, and then the above scenario occurred. I operate a business using Zoom. What is going on? Why did this happen? How can this be corrected right away?



Our team has also had complaints of video quality, and the same type of video interruptions going on for several weeks, what is the cause & remedy??


I'm seeing this on several of my meetings over the last month. It applies to the video from same users each time (not me), and the interference consists of bits of images from two other participants videos appearing at the top of their video screen (often keeps changing which two other participants), as well as their own image becoming very jerky. It usually happens from the moment they join, and will sometimes go away and reappear during the meeting.

It smells of a portion of memory being used by two different parts of the Zoom application which are scribbling over each other, one being the user's camera image, being scribbled over by the received images of two other participants.


I am getting this ALL the time as well - the green flashing and the overlay of images - this is a massive disruption to my work online - how does this get fixed - I'm desperate - I can't even do a decent recording and I need to make video recordings for my business too



Yes what is going on?!?! My client experience is being severely damaged by this and I lost business on two occasions now because of this embarrassing glitch. It's a green neon acid trip flashing on the screen that won't go away and completely ruins the feed. 

I uninstalled the zoom app and reinstalled and it has fixed the problem



That's a really interesting discovery cattrudruyoga. I will suggest this next time I'm on a Zoom and someone has this video interference.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi everyone!


There was a reported bug where a subset of users experienced their camera flashing and glitching while using Zoom. Please follow the steps in this article to fix this issue: Camera flashing and glitching after update.

Please note that rebooting your device after uninstalling Zoom is an essential step. 


I hope this helps!

Zoom Community Team