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Unable to download a PDF file from chat


Today, several PDF files were shared in chat during a meeting. I was able to download all but one. Everyone else was able to download all. No error message. It said "click to download" but nothing would happen. I could click and download all other files. The size of the file was smaller than some, larger than others, so I don't think it was a size thing. They tried reposting it several times and it happened each time for one specific file. Any thoughts?



I am experiencing this same issue. Even when I'm able to download them my computer can't open the files. 


I am experiencing the same thing.  When I clicked on the file to download it took me to System 32.  (I am a nontechnical person.)


Zoom Moderator

Hi @jf72 @BVP4W @1Actorken , thank you all for your contributions to the Zoom Community.  Usually, we will just need to reinstall the Zoom app to get this working for you all again. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!

The following steps should help get the old installation cleared, and get Zoom reinstalled and working for you.

1. Uninstall the Zoom application completely, and then restart your computer when it's finished.

Here's how:

2. Once done restarting please visit this link this will automatically download the newest version for you. Please install this version once downloaded. 


This should clear up any issues with downloading files. Let me know if that helps!



Zoom Community Team