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Trimming Zoom Cloud Recordings

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

How many of you have actually used the "trim" function of Zoom Cloud Recordings?  I've looked at all the support docs I can find (just this one!) and apparently everything you do requires a mouse to click or drag.  Editing a 2 hour recording to get the just the right start and end points is virtually impossible.  There's no reason in today's environment that some sort of keyboard-based editing commands can't be implemented to ease the pain of getting it just right.


I've made a feature request/low priority support ticket asking for the following as a bare minimum:

  • SPACE BAR for start and stop playing (Note: I've subsequently seen this work sporadically, but not consistently)
  • Letter I to mark the "In" point (the start of the viewable portion)
  • Letter O to mark the "Out" point (the end of the viewable portion)
  • Home to move the playhead to the current In point
  • End to move the playhead to the current Out point.
  • A time code display showing the current playhead point AT ALL TIMES.

(I did find out through trial and error that pressing the left-right arrow keys will move the playhead 10 seconds backward or forward.)


Anyone else have other suggestions?  These would make a great start, and make me very happy.  Something any Zoom user can make use of... it doesn't have to be fancy.


I don't expect a full implementation of Premiere Pro, Final Cut, or Davinci Resolve, but prepping the recordings from 5 days of webinars has been SO time-consuming and painful.


My workflow will mostly continue to be downloading files and editing in Premiere Pro, but I would like the client to have a reasonable "interim version" to watch... one that doesn't give me a headache just trying to trim the pre- and post-roll off.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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