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The host requires authentication on the commercial Zoom platform to join this meeting


I've set my meetings up to not require a passcode or waiting room, but to require authentication. One of the meeting participants keeps getting the following message and is unable to join. Please advise how to resolve this issue: 
"Unable to join this meeting. The host requires authentication on the commercial Zoom platform to join this meeting. Please log in with a commercial Zoom account to Join."


I see others have this issue but I don't see that there has been a resolution posted.


Note that the participant unable to join does not have a commercial Zoom account which is also true for most of the other participants who are able to join the meeting. 



We are also having this issue.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @WW23 @TaraStaff , thank you for posting your issue in the Zoom Community!


If you Require authentication to join: Sign in to Zoom is enabled. Once enabled, all participants are required to have at least a free/basic Zoom account and be signed in when joining the meetings. You may disable the authentication requirement by editing the meeting. 


Read more about requiring authentication to join a meeting/webinar, here:


Zoom Community Team


Hi @CarlaA  - This is not the problem.  The problem is that authentication is NOT enabled and NOT required, but participants are receiving an error saying that it is.   My meetings DO NOT have authentication required - but meeting participants keep getting an error message saying that it IS.