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Multiple group assignment?


I find documentation for managing users in multiple groups, but they don't seem to be possible in my organization's instance (I can only move users to another group).


Is it possible for our admins to enable this setting? I might be interested, for employee A1 to be in both group A and group 1, while employee A2 is in group A and group 2.



Multiple group assignment is a recipe for headaches, honestly, given how Zoom has implemented it. In their implementation, the settings for the groups a user is in take precedence based on the order in which the user was added to those groups. And there’s no way to see or adjust that order. I’d honestly avoid it…


Just my 2 cents,



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi there is a way to make a primary group for users based on SAML attributes but this only works via SSO.

  • A single attribute/value pair must be utilized to map a user to multiple groups.
    • Multiple groups can be specified in the Resulting Value field.
    • The first group selected from the list of groups will be the primary group.