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Join Before Host is enabled but not working


Hi.  For the Zoom account for my synagogue, Waiting Rooms are disabled and Allow Participants to Join Before Host is enabled.  But it doesn't work.  Participants who attempt to log in before the host still get the "Please Wait for the Host to Start this Meeting."  Some setting must have changed but I can't figure out what.  Any idea why?  Thank you.


Note Taker

Hi @ljmossc77 


Are you using the Personal Meeting (Personal Room) in this account, or a separate meeting?


They have separate settings.


Do you have "Allow participants to join anytime" enabled on the actual meeting, either way?




Hi Rupert.  We always use the Personal Meeting Room.  Never do separate meetings.  So I have never looked at settings on the actual meeting but maybe you've given me something to explore.  Thanks.