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Is there a log available of attempts made by User to login to a Meeting?


At a recent meeting a User reported back that they could not enter a meeting.  Is it possible for Zoom to provide login attempts made to a meeting?  This user reported that they connected a number of times but could only hear voices.  This user advised that they tried multiple times to access the meeting and have a record and a recording of this. Is that possible?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @D95, great question! It appears there is another post that outlines a similar issue. I encourage you to review that post, and if the accepted solution by @vescamilla provides you with the assistance you are looking for, I encourage you to close this current discussion by marking this reply as the accepted solution. Users who view this post can then navigate to @AmyFrederick post to find the similarly asked question and solution that you also found to be helpful. Thanks!


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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?


That thread and the response by @vescamilladoes not answer the question in full. The report only shows the participants. We recently had a meeting where 2 invitees claimed they were left in the waiting room and the report function only includes 'participants'. The report does not include the attempts to join or those kept in the waiting room. Is there a way to see that as well? And which device in the session had the power to allow them in?