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Intel Evo Laptop Zoom Video Conferencing Software Issue


Hi Everyone

I'm reaching out to share a frustrating issue I'm currently facing with Zoom video conferencing software on my Intel Evo laptop. By sharing this problem, I hope to gather insights, suggestions, and potential solutions from fellow community members who may have encountered a similar issue or have expertise in troubleshooting Intel Evo laptops.

Problem Description: I have been experiencing persistent difficulties while using Zoom on my Intel Evo laptop. The following are the key problems I'm encountering:

  1. Video Freezing and Pixelation: During Zoom calls, the video feed frequently freezes or becomes pixelated. This issue persists even when I have a stable internet connection and meet the minimum system requirements. The frozen or pixelated video not only hinders effective communication but also disrupts the flow of discussions and collaboration.

  2. Audio Distortion and Echo: I have noticed intermittent audio distortion and echo during Zoom calls. These audio issues make it challenging to comprehend conversations clearly, leading to misunderstandings and reduced productivity.

  3. System Overheating: Utilizing Zoom on my Intel Evo laptop causes the system to heat up significantly, much more than when using other applications or performing resource-intensive tasks. The increased temperature raises concerns about potential hardware damage or reduced system lifespan.



for the echoing, check if anyone in your house is in the same meeting you are. i had that prob one time. if that is happening in a different room just close the door. 

Ultimate Zoomie (^.^)