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How to download a cloud recording into a single mp4 file.


Good evening, 


Does anyone know how I can download a cloud recording into a single mp4 file?

When recording to my local computer one mp4 file is generated.

When recording to the cloud, an mp4 file is generated for Shared screen with speaker view, Speaker view, and Shared screen.


I can copy the shareable link, but I need to download the file and put it in my Panoto repository.






Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

With cloud recordings, you have the option to download Speaker View with Shared Screen or Gallery View with shared screen would either of these work? If you select Gallery View with shared screen, when users share you will see the speaker + content then when content ends, it will go back to Gallery. Will this work?

Hi Freddi_G,


When my instructor recorded the meeting to the cloud, Gallery View was not listed as an option to download.  When I did a test recording, Gallery View appeared for me.   I'm not sure what we did differently.


If I copy the shareable link, I am able to see the instructor talking in the recording.  Copying the link will not let me import the recording into Panopto.  I need the file.


Thank you for your response.