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How to disable that account owner always gets host?


When one of our account owners joins a call, he will always automatically get the host. This behaviour is not useful, as this diables screensharing for other participants.

How can we disable this functionality?


Best regards


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Sorry, @expecon – I see what you want to do, and it’s possible… just not the way you describe it. 

First of all, the Meeting owner always gets Host permission unless he gives it away to someone else. 

But there’s a setting that defaults to “participants can’t share” that you simply want to set to “participants can share.”


 Start in Personal -> Settings:


Scroll down to Screen Sharing:

Ask the user to set the option I’ve checked in red above; this will cause his meetings to allow all participants to Screen Share from the start. I like mine turned off at first … but that’s just a personal preference. 

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" / GoodClix.com
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