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Finding a recorded meeting



I think my recording is a local one. I have the three options, open, convert, delete, when I click on the recorded meetings. When I click on convert I get the message Failed to Convert Recording Cannot find the files to convert. Please make sure the following files are in the recording folder, then convert your recording by double-clicking the file.





Then I can cancel or open destination folder. When I click open destination folder it opens the folder but then I get stuck. I can double click audio and I can hear it. I can double click on the zoom icon with the green check mark and I get the same failed to convert recording message again. The other icon I can click is  what looks like a white piece of paper with a corner folded over that says recording.conf with a red dot and white x on it. I have no idea where my video is. Can anyone help? Also, how can I hear the video but can't see it?

I have no idea w