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Desktop audio not pushing through screen share


Hello,  I've detected a problem with screen share audio when participating in a meeting.


On one of my PCs, I have a Plantronics headset that I use to communicate during Zoom meetings.  It works fine during meetings and during screen share, however, the participants in the room are not receiving audio from my screen share whenever I start it.


After some tinkering, I found that I had to actually switch my windows speaker device to the headset so that participants were receiving the audio from my screen share.  This also switches the audio from my computer to play through my headset instead of through my speakers.


As soon as I switch the audio device back to normal, the audio stops being pushed through screen share.


My microphone always works, participants can hear me, they just cannot hear my screen share audio.


I don't see any other settings to correct this, so I think an update to Zoom is required.  A section in the Audio options to select where screen share audio is coming from would be extremely helpful...if possible.


In general, I should be able to use my headset and screen share with audio without having to change my default speakers  in windows.





Did you check the "share computer audio" box on the share screen selection window?

Yes, I do click the share computer audio box.   As soon as I select my headset as my default windows audio device, sound from my share screen does transmit to participants in the call.  When I switch the default device back to my computers on-board audio, the audio stops.  I can do this live while in a call.