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Breakout Rooms



I have been haivng this problem for about five months now and I have tried searching it several times, but can't find any information.  Not all the participants are staying in their assigned Breakout Rooms once the breakout session is closed. I assign breakout rooms manually, then open them for a timed activity. This works fine, but then later when I want to open the breakout rooms again, only one person has stayed assigned to each room. I have to assign the other again. As I mentioned, this started about five months ago. Anyone know how to fix it?





Zoom Moderator

Hi @micheles! I know it's been a while since you initially posted this, but are you still having this problem? 

This is Paula. I am having a similar problem. 


This has happened two times. I pre-assign 16 people to breakout rooms and when I push the Start Breakout Sessions button during the meeting, only 3 of the 16 are moved into break out sessions. Then I had to take the time to manually assign everyone to breakout sessions while everyone waited, very unprofessional.