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Breakout Rooms


I have enabled breakout rooms on the web portal (In Meeting/Advanced), but when I go to schedule a meeting though the  desktop app (Mac/most recent version of the app updated) there is no option to set prearranged breakout rooms,  or any breakout room option. Any thoughts would be great.



Community Champion

Hi @jablaw,


Unfortunately, prearranged breakout rooms can not be configured directly from the Mac client. They need to be configured via the Zoom web portal.


  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Meetings and schedule a meeting.
  3. In the Meeting Options section, select Breakout Room pre-assign and click Create Rooms.
  4. Click the plus button beside Rooms to add more breakout rooms.
  5. Hover over the default breakout room name in the right panel and click the pencil button to rename it.
  6. In the Add participants text box, search for internal participants by name or email address, or manually enter the email address of external users, and then press Enter to add them to the breakout room. 
  7. (Optional) Use these options to edit your breakout rooms and participants:
    • Click and drag a participant's email address to change the order.
    • Hover over a participant's name to see options to move them to another room or remove them from the current room.
    • To delete a breakout room, hover over the room name in the left panel and click the trash icon. 
  8. Click Save.


The following support article provides additional information:


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