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Attendance Report


I'm a Student at University, my instructor set me as absent, based on a Zoom report, that shows attendance with their attendance time, he didn't find my name on that list, and claimed I was absent, although I attend that lecture actually. So we need a clear statement from Zoom support regarding this issue. It's possible under specific technical conditions that Zoom may not recognize me in that report for some unusual reason such as a technical bug in my updated application or connection, or something like that?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello, this is all dependent based on your log in and your membership to the University account.


  • If you are a member and were logged in, the data in the call logs should be sufficient to identify you
  • if you are not a member of the account but were logged in before joining, your display name should identify you.
  • if you are not logged in, Zoom will prompt you to provide a display name for the meeting or if you have used Zoom from the same machine before can remember previous entries.


It is possible in the latter two that you either used a different account or display name but these are just examples of how this can happen.


I suggest opening a case with support (having the University admin do this is best as this involves pulling logs) and provide the following:

  • Meeting ID
  • Time
  • Date
  • Display Name and Email if possible.