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Account management, unhooking ID from google.


I have an account that I created so I could purchase Zoom.  The purpose is so at our fascility I can setup a single laptop that is used for our once a week meeting.  In doing that I am setting up that laptop for the sole purpose of doing the zoom meeting for us.  And as such I created the account under one of our major gmail addresses, thinking I could setup the zoom once and make it available for the meeting manager(which sometimes is a backup person) to start the zoom each week.  However, I realized after maybe too late, that person would then need the password to our google account.  Which I do not want to give out to the backup person starting this meeting for me when I am unavailable.  So two questions.  Either....  1. How do I setup zoom to remember the login and never prompt for password again.  or 2. How can I un-couple the login for this account so it does not need to use Google login, and can use a zoom only userID/Password.    Or I guess there is a 3rd question, can I just cancel this subscription to zoom and get re-imbursed so I can create a new ID this time NOT tieing it to my major gmail account that has access to gooogle drives etc that I do not want a backup to have access to.  Thank you for your help.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi gbcsanmarcos,


This article should help you accomplish what you are trying to do. Good luck!


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