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How do I open Zoom games in the browser rather than app?

I'm struggling to get games working so that I can play with family/friends - I installed LGN poker, and it shows up right in the Zoom program along with the meeting of friends who are trying to play together. However, for my friend, every time she tries to open the game in the Zoom meeting, it redirects to a browser and just says in the Zoom meeting itself "LGN Poker is open in your browser. Please position your browser window next to Zoom to play"
This is becoming very frustrating, as some people who want to connect via Zoom and play are not very technologically savvy. They don't want to have to juggle multiple windows. Also, one of us doesn't have to do this, and it seems to work fine directly in the Zoom program while others are required to use a browser.

Community Champion

@mariehaynes ,


I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having.  Unfortunately, like many of the apps, LGN Poker was developed by a third party, so the functionality is not something we can control.  I will say that when I installed it to test, everyone was able to play in the app itself and not the browser.  Since I do not know how your friend was connecting, is it possible they were connecting from the browser and not using the client app?